How To’s

Articles how to be a structural drafts-person. Tips and tricks related to the job of drawing structure.
Weld Symbols

Commonly used weld symbols and what they mean. As used in the Australian steel fabrication industry.

How to fold an A1 size drawing
Common metric structural scales and applications

How to apply and what standard size scales to use when drawing structural plans.

Structural Drawing Sheet Numbering System

A system for structural drawing sets. The core concept of this system is to break the drawing sheets into more manageable chunks by isolating building elements into groups. As the set grows, you can add new drawing sheets, and still maintain a neat and logical order.

Calculate Structural Metric Bolt Lengths
Text Heights

A guide to what to use when drafting structure.

Shop Drawing Checking Guide

The “buck stops” at steel shop drawings. Steel shop drawings cannot be interpreted, as working drawings are. They are specialized, precise, instructions to the fabricator. Checking is therefore very important…

Time it takes to complete structural drawings

An average guide to how long it takes to produce a single structural drawing…

Steel Detailing Chart (Printable)

A reference chart to help produce shop drawings for hot rolled steel framing.

Decimals of a Foot Equivalent Chart (Printable)

A reference chart to quickly find decimals of a foot or inch.