Structural Drawing Sheet Numbering System

A sheet numbering system for structural drawing sets. The core concept of this system is to break the drawing sheets into more manageable chunks by isolating building elements into groups. As the set grows, you can add new drawing sheets, and still maintain a neat and logical order. The formula of this system is: Division + Sheet Number = Drawing Number

The Drawing Divisions

Division Description Remarks
S01 Structural Coversheets General Notes, Drawing Schedule
S02 Plans All types of plans: slab, roof framing, reinforcing, stressing plans etc. also include member schedules on plan
S03 Building Elevations Overall elevations, Concrete/Masonry Elevations, Precast Elevations
S04 Building Sections Overall building sections showing several elements
S05 Foundation Details All details to do with foundations
S06 Retaining Wall Details Retaining walls of any type of material
S07 Slab Details “Slab on grade” details, floor slab details / sections
S08 Concrete Column Schedules Schedules, Elevations, Detailed Sections of concrete columns
S09 Concrete Beam Schedules Schedules, Elevations, Detailed Sections of concrete beams
S10 Lifts, Stairs, Vertical Circulation Elevations, Schedules , Details of any element rising through floor levels
S11 Steel Details
S12 Masonry Details
S13 Precast Details
S14 Timber Details
S15 External Works

An example of a drawing set