AudoCAD DWG Files

Free AutoCAD Blocks to use when drafting structure. Drawings and details for your CAD projects. We hope these free downloads are of use in your plans.

Insitu Concrete (Metric Units)

Footing beam details

at the corners and how to step them down a slope.

Precast Concrete (Metric Units)

Rescrete Precast Panels

Steel (U.S. Customary Units/Imperial Units)

Weld Symbols

North American symbols to show type of welding.

Angles (Steel)

North american steel sizes.


American hot rolled steel sizes.

Steel (Metric Units)

CFS Steel Section

Cold rolled steel.

CFC Steel Section

Cold rolled steel.

HFC Steel Sections

Cold formed steel.

HFS Steel Section

Cold rolled steel.


Paralleled Flange Channel in cross section.

Universal Bearing Piles

Hot formed steel in cross section.

Universal Column and Beam Steel Sections
Universal Joists

Hot formed steel in cross section.

Metric Bolts

In side, end and plan view.

Steel Detailing Chart

A helpful reference chart for dimensions of members used in creating shop drawings for steel.

Weld Symbols

Common weld symbols as used in Australian steel detailing.

Bracing (Metric Units)

Pryda Strap Bracing Unit For Narrow Walls

Bracing unit for framed walls.

Masonry (Metric Units)

Block Retaining Wall

Less then 2m high.

The Masonry Block Collection

AutoCAD blocks for drawing block walls.